December 6, 2021


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About : Bali is mostly known to have a big name in tourism. All around the world is know if Ubud is a special place in Bali, Indonesia. We use the name to represent tourism information containers in Bali and Indonesia. Most of it is information on the Ubud and Gianyar regions. This website is fully operated individually without being tied to any party. All information and articles related to tourism and related news can be written here. The data we have obtained are from local sources, the government (Department of Tourism), and existing brochures with articles as they are. If you want to announce events or activities related to tourism, please contact our email to be uploaded on Hopefully, this website can be useful for everyone.

FAQ (Frequently asked question)

  1. Is free to access and get information? Yes is all free, this site is run by volunteers that care for us. 
  2. I have an event this month, how can I promote it for free in You can email us to and give us a detailed event or ceremony that you will be held to get an attraction.
  3. Why all service is free in how can you still maintain your existence in cyberspace? Well, we made this service free to help tourists and visitors get free information for their holidays. Vacationing is for fun and happiness that can be shared with friends who might also be interested in coming to Ubud and Bali. We created this site also to help tour workers and owners of tourist attractions including hotels, restaurants and other things related to tourism. When there is a small or large-scale event they can promote it on for free and load it on the front page so that it is easily seen by visitors to the site. how can we maintain our existence in cyberspace? We have noble hearts in this matter. All costs from the beginning are borne by him. And all the voulenteers who always support this site still exist for everyone.
  4. Is have social media ? No, we don’t have any social media in other platform. If you see in Instagram, Facebook or other platform that is not us.